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The economy of lower initial cost. BC buildings cost less to design and construct, it's as simple as that. Up to thirty percent less then other types of construction.  And because every BC building is really a building system, labor costs and time of construction are both significantly reduced.  You're in business quicker and for less money.

The economy of lower energy costs. The three keys to lower energy costs are professional design, quality construction, and proper insulation. We design your building to suit your application and to help you use energy wisely. We build them right and tight, using whatever insulation system is the most energy efficient and cost effective for the building, the application, and the climate.

The economy of lower maintenance. We start with top quality components in our BC buildings components that keep their strength and beauty longer than most other building materials. Then we treat them to make them last even longer. All structural members, for instance, are coated with an oxide primer for superior resistance to corrosion. We give our wall panels a tough, beautiful baked-on finish that makes them maintenance free. And our roof systems, like our wall systems, are designed for outstanding resistance to the elements.

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